Welcome to ITOPS

Our dedicated team of IT & Building Professionals combine their wealth of technical expertise and real world knowledge to provide high quality services that match your precise project needs.

ITOPS understand that it is not possible to be the master of all skills, hence we maintain a strong relationship with a number of builders, electricians, heating engineers, plasterers & painters who are utlisied as and when is required.


Stage 1 The initial stage of the project involves ITOPS sitting down with the client and getting a good understanding what the client is trying to acheive from their Control4 home automation system. - Understanding the Requirement
Stage 2 Once a good understanding of the clients requirements, budget and timescales are understood ITOPS will put together a design document that details our understanding of the requirement and the proposed solution. - Architect & Design the Solution
Stage 3 Once the Solution Design document has been agreed and signed off ITOPS can commence the project and all neccessary cables are installed. - Cable Installation
Stage 4 Once all the neccessary cables and wiring have been installed any required plastering and painting is completed. - Plastering & Painting
Stage 5 All neccessary software and hardware are purchased ready for installing. - Purchasing the Equipment
Stage 6 All lighting componets, keypads, switches, relays & controllers are installed on-site./span> - Physical Installion
Stage 7 Once all of the neccessary components are installed on-site an home automation engineer will attend site to configure and setup the Home Automation system as per the required design. - Software Configuration
Stage 8 iOnce all of the neccessary components have been installed and configured on-site one of our engineers will attend site to fully test and show you how to use the system. - Test & Sign-off
Stage 9 Once the project has been tested and accepted by the client. ITOPS has a dedicated support team that are available 9-5 to assist in supporting the system going forward. - On-going Support

Our aim is simple...

To help our clients get the most from their Control4 system by

Bringing IT & Buildings Together